Everyone deserves to have a trusted attorney handle their immigration matter, and our goal is to be the most respected immigration law firm in Alabama. We focus on fulfilling the needs and wishes of our clients. We provide efficient, innovative solutions to immigration problems. We created a friendly, welcoming, approachable environment to immigration law for everyone with a focus on providing positive results on time, every time. We can make these promises to our clients because we do not take every case that walks through our door and we focus on what we know – Immigration.

We provide honest evaluations of cases. Sometimes that may involve advising a client not to pursue a particular action. While it may mean less money for us, our integrity and reputation are more important to us than the almighty dollar. We owe it to the individual, and the community, to give an honest evaluation and provide the best and most accurate information on immigration available. To that end, we spend as much time as possible working in our community educating all interested persons on immigration law. We know that not everyone can afford to pay an attorney up front for services. So, whenever needed, we provide payment plan options so that everyone can afford the best legal help available.

We are part of the community. We also work with non-profit organizations, religious groups and community leaders in providing assistance to those in need or providing referrals to experts in other fields of law. We value our clients’ needs, time and opinions. We ask them to let us know how we may serve them. And potential clients should feel free to ask around about us. We think you’ll be pleased with what you discover.

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We are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).
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